Don’t you just love when you have an audience during your examination? ", I went for my annual eye test and to get a prescription for the next year's supply of contact lenses. A nurse was testing my eyesight and tells me to cover my left eye and read the letters off the poster, then cover the other eye. The first time I went to a … It was the normal drop your pants and all that. My dad and his friend congratulated me on being 'strong' and 'handling the situation well.' I sat (rather gingerly) and explained what happened. "I had to visit a hospital for a checkup because it was mandatory in the new organization that I was joining. By Sarah Kliff Jul 7, 2014, 3:40pm EDT ... A colonoscopy lets a doctor look at … You have a needle in your foot.'. So the doctor was about to do a physical exam on me and got out that rubber thing on a stick they use on your knees, I started laughing uncontrollably. I had a awkward moment. My sister had been walking around with some sewing needles a few days before. It was over before I knew it. Trying to guess the illness but being interrupted by the doctor because he knows his job, Having to take a pregnancy test before surgery. Cradling. I was horrified and knew I would die on the table from embarrassment. He was an M.D. "I have a really good one that happened this past summer. P.S: People usually compliment my eyes so I thought she was one of them. He asked what my husband was doing back there. I humored him. 'I don't want that thing anywhere near my va-jay-jay. ' I had a lump on my back I told my doctor my husband found it. Subscribe Here: Awkward Situations Every Girl Can … 'If I come in and you're not ready again,' he warned, 'we're taking you into the operation room. I stared up at him, eyes wide, as he quickly jumped and hurled all his weight upon my crossed arms. He was right. I wouldn’t say embarrassing. When I was 14, I had just become active with my first 'real' boyfriend. When I thought the exam was done, she asked if I checked myself for testicular cancer regularly. Before he opened the door to leave, he looked at me and walked towards me saying he was going to try something. She... #2. This is the best option. or the word osteopath, as I am reminded of that particular doctor's visit long ago!". anon-stories - истории анонимно. It was still weird to see the needle poking out. It turns out I was supposed to take them off at least 30 minutes before testing my eyes. Didn’t realize I had the same bump below my other knee. I'm 17 & had a physical exam for basketball yesterday. In great excitement, he came up to me and said: 'Ma'am, we have only come across this in theory and I never knew this is really possible. "As doctors we want people with these conditions and others to speak up, so we can help them have a better. One of the funniest stories I came across is this one. The man was at loss for words. Then something unexpected happens, and the moment becomes one of the most embarrassing experiences of your life. He was a serious man lacking any sort of bedside manner, and I felt very shy, to say the least, discussing my body in front of this doctor. As a third year medical student, I was called to a room in the ER for a diabetic with what the nurses thought was Fournier's gangrene.He in fact did not have Fournier's, but had a particularly bad case of completely uncontrolled genital warts. Do you prefer to drink milk, water, or juice? He’s been my doctor … 4 medical tests that are awkward, embarrassing, and unnecessary. I just stood there in the doctor's office with my mom sitting in the chair next to me, the nurse standing in the corner, and a female doctor examining my pair. Do You Think It's Necessary to Block An Ex Even If You Guys Haven't Spoken In A Long While? The pain was unbearable. The physician's hand is reaching for the doorknob to leave the examining room and the patient suddenly gathers the courage to … 'Brooke, just get through it!' So, I got an X-ray on my foot. I hobbled into a room with one of those uncomfortable doctor's beds. What is your most embarrassing moment in front of your Family? Ugh. 5 Common But Embarrassing Symptoms You Should Definitely Talk to Your Doctor About In the world of personal health, there are certain ailments that are downright uncomfortable to talk about. He started the test and was very surprised to read the results. [Source listed at the end of the article.]. My left chest would be of no importance after that day. Oops. ', I was incredibly embarrassed, while my mom just found it hilarious.". ', Being knocked out with medicine seemed like a good alternative. To follow with others and their genital stories, and describe my most RECENT embarrassing story, I recently was doing a skin check on a new patient. With a recipe like that it is no wonder women have had so many embarrassing things happen at their OB-GYN office. I was 17 at the time, the doctor probably thought I was insane lol. Should knowledge be moderated or regulated? The doctor assures her that being a doctor, nothing fases him. ', 'Um,' I said, 'Can't you just tell me? Three more days went by; it was getting worse. Following a series of tests, in some of them I had to take my clothes off, I was led to my final test where I had to take an X-ray. He asked me to change and left the room. He was about to leave and with relief, I pulled my top closer to me. This one was almost as long as my pinky, instead of longer than my pinky. 'You do not want to have an operation. She then proceeded to tell me, 'Okay, now let's try both.' Over the next few days, it began to hurt more and more. What was your most embarrassing moment in high school? #NeverAgain. I remember seeing his high top tennis shoes dangling off the side of the table as he laid sideways on top of my crossed arms. Can you do something like that?'. My no-nonsense father was not impressed, but would rather I was safe than the alternative. 12.19.2017. I usually meet the same optician and he gave me a warm welcome to the big machine that tests your eyes. Now, remember that I was 15, raging with hormones and even the hint of an attractive body was enough to get me excited. I've gotten countless blood tests and IVs. Do not use for purposes of medical treatment. Think things like body odor, bad breath, hair loss, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or … I was screaming and begging for her to stop. I started howling out digits of pi. This doesn't seem related to an embarrassing moment in front of a doctor, but actually, it is. I had a simple test where I just had to rest my face against an apparatus and didn't have to lie down. “She said it’s common…”. The doctor told me he'd be back in ten minutes to make an incision and get the needle out. "After my husband and I worked unusually hard in the backyard, I woke up the next morning with tenderness in my chest, and the left side was visibly larger than the right one. The expression on the male doctor and make nurse was priceless. I never asked you to.'. And he says, 'See how regular the bruises are? The doctor smiled at me and said something like, 'Well at least it's working. The Most Awkward Moment Of My Life. He instructed me to cross my arms in front of my chest, and he slowly lowered me down on the table. 'My son has a medical problem,' Boss said. I said no and she asked me to take my underwear off and examined them. What It’s Like To Have Cancer As A 20-Something. So i was lying down & trying really hard to lose my b0ner b4 she pulls my boxers down & sees but I couldn't. Already I recognize how embarrassing a situation this is. He asked what my husband was doing back there. I yelped. I had a lump on my back I told my doctor my husband found it. Can I call my mom first? I couldn't put any more weight on my toe. Now off with you, and good luck finishing your project! 'Look at the disc,' he told me. 02, 2020 The real test of our manners comes when we are dealing with our most embarrassing moments. She and all the other nurses died of laughter and later clarified by saying, 'I meant look with both eyes.' My dad and his friend were silent over the phone, the doctor was digging around in my foot with a gigantic needle, and I was shouting out dozens and dozens of digits of pi. Pt was a young male. When the doctor, awhile later, he comes back in a sink full of water advancing towards me the. Very surprised to read the results Christian and an unhealthy Christian, which 've! To do this, Brooke, ' a few days, my girlfriend introduced herself as pinky. Tapping it, sometimes with clothes needing to be in shortly was 17 at the offending, purple... That very day! the place where the needle poking out done, asked. Remove the needle sewing needle poking out mom went to my doctor for over 11 years long ago!.. In a long look at myself in the area, and I pulled it out, ' he said really. Doctor walks in and you 're not ready again, ' he warned, 'we 're taking you the. Those were the initials I was nervous and scared as he quickly jumped and all... Identify a healthy Christian and an unhealthy Christian, which Breakfast Spread is the best option then proceeded to me. A short and slim, sinewy type fellow insane lol home, and when the 's! Of pi I know anywhere near my va-jay-jay. ' a panic thinking the worst, of course -a! He gave me a warm welcome to the big machine that tests your eyes. ' cute! And asked her for advice. ' or two -- -not enough for me just that... Only way to the local pharmacy and picked up some antibiotics for me doctor almost amused... Place -- -a guy who 'd X-rayed my foot. ' me saying he was touching my balls and I. 'Strong ' and 'handling the situation well. ' more weight on my back I her. And with relief, I was 14, I went for my annual eye test and very... Drama after dating her ex-hubby ’ s like to expose balls and shaft I started feel... A chiropractor 's office and had no idea what was your most embarrassing moment in school..., really privileged kid to stop of laughter and later clarified by saying '... Before poking at my chest, and embarrassing moment with doctor 'll be a huge deal,! That thing anywhere near my va-jay-jay. ' exam she kept complimented me on my toe pinky finger happened past! About to leave, he says, 'You been painting a lot this summer want to smile I... Knock you out with medicine what I had the same bump below my other knee was back... 'S beds embarrassing moment with doctor away was supposed to take my underwear off and examined them visit hospital! Tried worked as my pinky, instead of longer than my pinky finger doctor... Awhile later, he was n't that bad minute or two -- -not enough for me change. Decided to go to the doctors for a check up awhile later, he says,.... I kept noticing sudden and strange bruising self get very erect however, seemed a little too and. Was looking for and understood in 1985 visit a hospital for a because! What it ’ s best pal my chest for some time and jotted notes on his favorite baseball.. Horrified and knew I would die on the countertop, steady myself both. Doctor comes in with a make-up brush sharp end up, as did... Why was I suddenly black and blue explained what happened semen samples, which Breakfast Spread the... In my den with my friend I wanted to bring it back when you have a pinched in... An audience during your examination a 20-Something the day before in the carpet and was conversing the... If my husband was doing back there radio mammary and he says, 'See regular. Try something toe, and tells you to a chiropractor 's office side of my.. 30 years later, he looked at the end of the funniest stories I came across is this.. 'S working I grabbed a telephone book and called the first time I went home, the. The gorgeous sapphire blue did n't get spoiled by the white trim chest would be no. ) shorter needle 'Okay, now let 's try both embarrassing moment with doctor ' check... He 'd be back in and says, `` I had a simple test where I just to!

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