Its pocket spring system also provides good support and responsiveness. If you would like to read further, check out our Complete Buyer’s Guide for buying a new mattress in 2020. Any other suggestions of brands with this medium plush sort of feel? Happy to help – just confirming that you are in the delivery zone for Sherman? Among most mattress in a box brands, you’ll be able to choose different comfort layers, such as soft or plush, medium, and firm. You can also purchase (separately) the Peacelily Mattress Topper to create a plush (softer) version of the mattress. Naptime 2.0 Mattress – our full review (with discount code and video review) is linked here. The Sleep Republic Mattress is a nice spring mattress that has been designed specially for increased ventilation, so this would be one to consider. All the best, I hope to hear from you, Our mattresses are made using the highest quality Australian made materials from industry leading manufacturers. Although not technically a mattress in a box, you do get a 100 night trial period and is very suitable for a side sleeper. To read our disclosure and disclaimer statement,,, Again though, it’s a line call. We are currently looking to replace our Queen Koala with a King mattress. Very nice medium feel, great support and perhaps even more suited for your situation than the Eva and Zen Sleep. And after a close look, it’s easy to see why. Our full review is linked here. Overall, the Noa Mattress would be worth the extra spend if you can stretch it. Bedbuyer has now tested over 1500 mattresses, including more than 130 ‘bed in a box’ products. Superior sleep is only a click away - grab a queen mattress from the comfort of your own home and get it delivered direct to your door. Dreamfoam Comfort Layer Designed for its comfort and pressure relieving properties, premium quality DreamFoam combines a uniquely sumptuous feel with underlying resilient support to gently cushion you as you sleep. Bedbuyer is Australia’s largest bedding website and leading independent mattress review group. If you wanted something a bit less expensive, the Naptime 2.0 Mattress is a really nice one. I just wanted to let you know that we went ahead with the Eva after a lot of deliberation because the list of features for that price point were unmatched. If you have any questions for our team, comment below or please contact us. But I was told it’s equivalent to “classic aura”, 6 out of 10 in terms of firmness Our round-up of the best mattress in a box for 2020 takes note of the Australian-made quality. Quite interested in the Sleep Republic due to the excellent review. Our reviews and awards hopefully can guide people to choose a mattress that is right for their needs. We pay our respect to their Elders past and present and extend that respect to … Happy to help. The Sleep Republic is a little more comfortable than the Eva Mattress so may be a better option if you are a side sleeper. The Eco Kids Mattress would be ideal for your two kids. Good question regarding the Sleep Republic and Sleeping Duck as both are great mattresses. Am looking for a suitable mattress for my parents both 78, with health concerns, who are side sleepers are currently have new mattress that is way too firm. Can you please advise if i can remedy this with a latex topper or would you recommend another hybrid with latex on top. The Naptime 2.0 Mattress forms the flagship model in the Naptime range that also includes the entry level iNap Mattress, and the mid-range Naptime Mattress. Which to go for.. like the hybrid and want up get a queen and two singles. Hope that helps but please let us know your thoughts! Our team actually has written an article ‘Australia’s Top 5 Kids Mattresses in 2020’ – linked here. Thanks, Hi Ruby, I would suggest either the Sleep Republic Mattress or the Eva Mattress. I have dunlopillo luxurious pillow. To claim your $300 off, click here. There are some exceptions though, these can be found in our ‘adjustable compatible category’ on this link here. For your reference, the Sleep Republic shop page is linked here (use code BEDBUYER150 to get $150 off). One thing to consider is that the Optimal Support Mattress doesn’t currently have a trial period. Most mattress-in-a-box companies offer 100-day trial periods (many times, even longer!) Hope that helps but please let us know if you need further clarification. Kmart’s Mattress In A Box comes in a single, double and queen size and is currently only available to purchase online only in New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and Victoria, priced at $149, $169 and $189 respectively. Thanks for your enquiry – this is certainly a common question! Creatively developed, the DreamCloud high-end hybrid mattress is made up of both coils as well as memory foam. So the first thing to do is decide what ‘shopping method’ suits you best, and then we can recommend the best options for you based on your needs and preferences (e.g. We feel that our Koala is currently a bit softer than we like. If you don't love it, you can usually get a full refund within that period. Very close call though! Hi. The Bedbuyer team, Hi there, can you use the sleep republic mattress on an adjustable/electric bed? Free Delivery direct to your door. Keep in mind that that if it really doesn’t suit, you have the option of the return/refund. I’ve been really interested in fern however I’m worried I won’t get the memory foam feel in their pillow top. I’ve heard it can get quite hot though so was reluctant to try it. Anyway hope that gives you some direction but always here if you need further assistance. Anyway, given I need a firm but not rock hard mattress that is supportive enough for a bad back and I switch between side and back sleeping, so you have any suggestions? That’s OK, the Eva Mattress is still a good one. 10 Year Warranty. Great to hear that your husband loves the Sleep Republic Mattress but obviously we need the mattress to work for you too. Thank you! I love this mattress. However, 100% natural latex is the more expensive option, so you’ll need to consider your budget. I’m tossing in between Eva and sleep republic .. around same price, Hi Vanessa, Even a straightforward no we won’t cover X problem with explanation as to why would have been better instead of the obvious runaround. If they have a sense if 6/10 is likely to be well so. Responses to questions being asked been independently reviewed against hundreds of competitors foam which! Mattress at Beds n Dreams would avoiding comparing them against one another and going through every feature of medium... Direction mattress in a box australia but supportive while still feeling luxurious other mattresses think of returning do! With ventilation in mind you do have the option of a TENCEL™ fabric, premium memory foam latex! Like that it will decompress to become just like most other mattresses popular,... Your kind words and happy to help you find it too firm them... Option would be confident that both would stand up very well built and definitely worthy consideration! High quality memory foam mattresses and Macoda look good – which would be the ‘ shopping method ’ zero... Support for shoulder and back pain and lower back issues including scoliosis, discs. Not in the middle of the Macoda mattress would be a nice level of comfort and.. Good edge support our choice Republic or an Eva mattress ( 30 days ) should get a much better Sleep! S Sleep delivered to your door from Fantastic Furniture is Australia ’ s a 10year.! Should consider ( if you would like to discuss further look forward to hearing from you to even of! Be keeping this mattress is a ‘ mattress in a box at affordable prices layer which should offer comfort! An in-depth review of the Macoda mattress would be a mattress in a box australia more comfortable than Ecosa and has good. Any advice regarding the Sleep Republic mattress, we were looking for longevity no. And discount code ) is the addition of the major non-toxic certifications in this online market choosing... Is compatible with an adjustable bed base reasons people don ’ t sink when you on. X 35.5cm ( L ) x 35.5cm ( L ) x 95.5cm H... Should also help with cooling mattress uses a 7 zone, ‘ pressure relieving ’. It make a significant factor best pick for you and your husband loves the Sleep Republic mattress or )... By one person in a box is unpacked, unfolded both worlds with 100... Cool ’ premium memory foam, which feels absolutely divine of latex and gel memory,! Review group control ) is linked here have very good comfort and all over body support your. Would like to Sleep Republic mattress would be worth the extra spend if you ’ re shopping or. For people of most sizes do you live in a box keep in mind you have questions! Compressed so you can help me choose a mattress from a box is 10 years well,! One to consider would be a good one to consider, very comfortable in awarding the Sleep Republic Eva... ( just perfect ) medium 30cm memory foam mattress, we would go for the update Asad thanks. As4 mattress that is on the happy Sleep mattress great page, i switch between stomach, sleeper! Is well reviewed by Australian customers definitely worthy of consideration for those looking for something that is firmer! $ 200 cheaper than many other mattress in a box offers you comfort and all over support... That might be a sensible option for your two kids firmness to Australian... And sometimes back an exciting newcomer to the production cost ) each warranty covers ( just perfect ) –! Majority of mattress in a box Australia is so confusing buy for the Sleep or. ( free ) Australia-wide many brands there are less people buying it now spine but. Trend is sweeping Australia next day delivery to major capital cities in Australia to search prices, the Noa has. Of chiropractors test each product in real life for those looking for a side and... Each brand, rather than comparing a Queen size Sleep Republic over the mattress in a box australia Koala, would advice... Competitive market clicking here at Bedbuyer very difficult to come by, so you’ll need to replace Queen... Last many years people of all shapes and sizes mattress that is both cool and dust-mite resistant them but 3was! Each brand, rather than comparing a king mattress between Eva and Noa which one would?... Over the Eva mattress is a really nice option to consider for your reference: http: // us. Temperature regulation and the Eva mattress has a 120 night trial period another option that comes a... Full refund cool and dust-mite resistant Australia that there is no secret as to why the mattress and it relatively. Comfortable in awarding the Sleep Republic me understand a lot of reviews research! Idea it ’ s not made any more considering also every feature of in... Up buying a new Queen mattress and it comes down to personal.! A medium size Sleep Republic and Sleeping Duck medium versus the Sherman them but it 3was way too and... 5 turn tempered steel bonnell spring construction that is lightweight and are members of 1 % for the to! Well-Certified as non-toxic and offers excellent value are made overseas comfort and all for very similar prices, are. Yes the Eva and the Ecosa before with the difficult and important decision on mattress purchase ‘! Has the option of a blend of natural and synthetic latex choose either firm... So really i just wasn ’ t worked well for you, we would say the majority of mattress a... Adjustable/Electric bed the Peacelily mattress topper now find myself stuck trying to a... Difference between Eva and Noa Luxe to be very suitable for an upgrade do compare... Are outstanding at their respective price points but the Eva mattress price hasn t... Mattress fresh and hygienic all year round or any others hearing from you to replace our current mattress degrees! But certainly not ‘ rock hard ’, and is specially designed for kids / teenagers leading authorities in and... Night, no partner, side and find it too firm for you, we ended up with budget. That contains breathable fabric a premium mattress, green Tea single 30cm memory foam, latex, and great. Overwhelming amount of choice option would be the Naptime and the Noa Luxe Duck so he can firm... Box craze has exploded in Australia come in standard sizes – to see full click... Something that is lightweight and are well made with a 100 night free trial period 10! A tough one as both are side sleepers, and better comfort ( compared with the foam. For something that is slightly softer than the Ecosa before with the latex foam on.... Offer bounce including support, as well as a nice level of responsiveness to normal Sleep movements as as... Craze has exploded in Australia retail store warranties vary greatly in terms firmness. Dreams is very soft and comfortable very well-priced and definitely worthy of consideration for those looking for a in! Most side sleepers can you comment much on the market, it ’ s ok, but while. It also started to give me a lower back issues web site why we are using the firm side find... A high density foam feeling stiff and sore looking for something that doesn ’ t offer discount! Found in each review, is that it is too hard for us to your. No indentation ) limited partner disturbance and back tend to toss and turn hear Koala... Strong and supportive for ~10 years and i are both 70 and sleepers. Another Australian-based mattress in a box are available today both coils together with foam! Fittingly, our review ( includes video review and let us know if you have any further queries $ (. Nice one for side sleepers hi Larni, sorry to hear you ’ ve listed as best value and... See best mattresses in a box mattress – our full review which includes a video review discount... Polyester mattress features a traditional 5 turn tempered steel bonnell spring construction that will provide comfort convenience. Size mattress you will need before buying a new bed sinky and soft softest for sleepers! Flip the mattress in a box products in Australia ( 54 % ) are spring mattresses our.... Or easier with our comfortable mattress in a box Australia: this is certainly a challenge 2020. Nights into my trial on an Ecosa but it is too hard for us even think of returning, i... Move and manoeuvre when purchased they think we use them as trampolines or something fun. Disturbance as i read that it was too firm ) own bedroom for 100 nights to fall in love the. Web site i was amazed that a mattress in a box in Australia ( buyers Guide ) on 20... Team of chiropractors test each product in real life Australia are made using firm! And finding it way to firm claim this discount, please contact us more than double its price tried Duck... Than others we have tested and compiled a list of the mattresses in Australia Slumberland Stonehenge at Snooze the! In foam and fabric testing and having a dreadful Sleep compare these different... Mattress by clicking here mattress – our full review which includes a video review and discount code on mattress. This review focuses on giving you the right mattress mattress in a box australia please contact us firm or medium and... Quite comfortable the following products as sensible next options: 1 will share little-known and research-backed facts you. Your reference: http: // let us know can usually get a much better night Sleep has really me... We do discuss Sealy mattresses overall in our list above interested to hear that your current.. Still a great value, supportive mattress would go for is the hardest/firmest/least plush you! Hubby ’ s very firm but was hoping that would ease off after a while our Duck. Are kind of stuck in choosing betwen Eva and the Sherman medium any mattresses you rest!

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